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We have done a lot of research for the problem in our child about height increase, we got to know Ali fuat doctor as a great chance, we got successful results with the treatments he applied. Thank you very much for their support.

Hande Y.Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

I would like to thank Mrs. Yeksin and Ms. İnci, who shared our stress, sadness, and joy during the birth process because it was my husband’s first birth, who lived with us, understood and listened to us, and respected our ideas. You will be like one of your family during your first birth in your life, with her smile and approach to you. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş is the person who will lead to the most correct solution and delivery.

h...ku.....Op. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

Our child was injured during sports, we were very afraid of permanent damage, but thanks to Ali Fuat Hoca, we overcame all our fears and now we survived without any damage. Thank you very much and I wish you continued success.

Mine Ç.Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

I went to the doctor lady on the advice of another doctor . During menopause, I had a photon laser done due to complaints such as vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and vaginal aesthetics. Besides the fact that the application is very successful , the doctor lady is very friendly , caring and very knowledgeable . I was very satisfied after a very comfortable, painless and conversational laser procedure. Thank you doctor lady. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

Thanks to my doctor Ali Fuat, the curvature problem of our child’s legs was completed with a very successful operation. Thank you so much for the happiness you bring to us.

Hasan K.Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

He explained the situation in a way that I could understand during the very relevant examination and ultrasound in the premenopausal period. He explained the results of hormone tests in detail. His narration of the process, his holistic approach and his patient listening made me feel very good. When I am going through a process that I am not very comfortable with, knowing that you are with me as my doctor creates a feeling of safety.

a.....Op. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

We applied to my doctor for my daughter’s right leg shortness. Height extension was performed with Smart ilizarov. Of course, a detailed wrist and knee correction operation was also performed. Be it auxiliary staff and hospital staff. His sincere approach and experience in pediatric orthopedics are very good. Our treatment continues, I hope my daughter will regain her health with the help of our doctor. My daughter is 7 years old.

Mus*** B***Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

He is an excellent doctor with his sincerity, smiling face and job :)) I applied to him with the complaint of being uncomfortable with the appearance of the vagina, and we had a wonderful treatment process together 🙂 If anyone has a problem with genital aesthetics, definitely contact Ms. Yeksin 🙂 thanks Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

May Allah be pleased with my doctor Alifuat, not once, but for a thousand times, he really does justice to his work. In 2016, my bone was broken in two in a motor accident and my doctor ali performed my surgery, well, if I am walking and running now, I owe it to my God first and then to my doctor Ali I wish you success in a human profession. Ismail Güngör with respect.

Ism*** G***Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

I wanted to be examined with the thought of menopause. It was a relief for me to explain the subject and give information. In addition, being examined in hygienic conditions is another comfort.

t....hOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

Abortion was performed for the thickness of the uterine wall. I used to have excessive bleeding during my menstrual periods. Everything is back to normal now. Thank you very much to Dr. Yeksin and her friendly team. An examination that you will feel at home, working in decent and very hygienic conditions. The treatment and follow-up process is very professional. .

se...uOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

I applied for information and suggestions about menopause and sexual reluctance. He was extremely interested and guiding. Thank you.

m....eOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

He operated on my disabled pasha for double hip dislocation 5 times, numerous examinations, like my family doctor, God bless him.

Öme*** K***Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

I have been visiting a doctor for labiaplasty surgery for maybe a year. I was extremely afraid. I came from Istanbul to opium just for Ms. Yeksin, I’m glad I did. I had the operation with the latest technology laser, which is not even in Istanbul, I had no problems, unlike the terrible things other doctors did, I had no pain or any complaints, I walked out of the operation and went to the pastry shop, I didn’t even use the painkiller he wrote and it was so good that it really was the best decision of my life, He is a very sweet and smiling doctor as well as having a good hand. I realize that I am officially missing my doctor. While I am writing this, I wish I had an excuse to go again, even if I have a new need. I hope that one day all of you will find your way to this doctor so that you can truly experience the phrase “leaving yourself in safe hands”.

b....uOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

My 4-year-old daughter has a congenital femoral insufficiency problem. There is no place left for us to wander around. We had the opportunity to meet with our doctor Ali Fuat, he is an expert in this field, apart from medicine, our treatment process continues for a top five star personality, I thank him very much, I am glad to have you, my doctor.

ra...kProf. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

I went for infection treatment. I was very satisfied. Smiling and cleaning was very good. Thank you.

m.....Op. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

They said that our daughter had hip dislocation, but when the measurement results of the hospitals were not the same, we went to opium. Ali Fuat did the measurement himself and said that the child had no problem. If you don’t want to go through a troublesome process like we do, I suggest you have the measurement done with the latest technology and by an expert.

Fat*** E***Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

My friendly, warm-blooded doctor is knowledgeable and relevant. I went to him for the second time, this was laser vaginal tightening, I was so afraid that you can do it with peace of mind

ba...nOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

We reached our doctor for the treatment of right leg shortness of my 7-year-old daughter. We continue our treatment with the new generation version of the Ilizarov method. He is a friendly person with knowledge and interest. Our treatment process continues well. Hope everything will be fine.

mu...Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Karataş

I was living in a different city, the doctor I went to in that city could not regulate my prolactin values ​​and did not give a proper explanation. And while I was looking for a doctor who would show me interest and care, I came to Afyon and my doctor Yeksin examined me, explained the underlying reasons and what you should do in detail, had all the necessary tests done and followed me constantly and called me for control. Thanks to her, my values ​​fell back to normal, my morale deteriorated, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, and she supported me and now I’m better morally. I would like to thank Yeksin doctor and recommend it to everyone who expects interest and attention. Because he is very successful in his field.

fa...mOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

I went to an obstetrician for the first time in my life.
The beauty of your heart is combined with the beauty of your face.
You have a lot of energy with some people, he’s like that.
It’s so sweet.
The abortion was done without any problems.
Within minutes 🙂
We left very satisfied.
So does his assistant.
They have big meals.
Thank you very much.
Before going to my doctor, I hugged a sincere woman.
I’ve never hugged a doctor before.
It just came to me so much.
Thank you beautiful lady.
They also have 2 children, and the children of such self-developed beautiful people will be very useful people.
Their children are so lucky…

ba...nOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

I went to the doctor once a few years ago. He is a very caring doctor who puts people at ease with his behavior and knowledge. Although I went once, I hesitated to call because I was working outside of Afyon and I was in a difficult situation. I had severe pain and was extremely anxious. He listened to me with great patience and devotion. He comforted and guided. Thank you very, very much. The number of such doctors should increase, not decrease. Kind regards.

b....Op. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

A wonderful doctor who I went to with a complaint of groin pain, comforting despite how worried I was, and giving the feeling and warmth of meeting for years..

tu...3Op. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

We would like to express our gratitude and gratitude to Dr. Yeksin, who made my wife’s treatment sensitively with her knowledge and experience, and connected us to life.

s.....Op. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

It is really a great luck to have such a doctor in Afyon. He is extremely knowledgeable and expert in his field, takes care of his patients very closely, and is very smiling. I thank him and wish him continued success.

eb...uOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

I am satisfied with Cook, I am glad I went, he answered all my questions, he took good care of me, I wish you success.

nu...rOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

I was very satisfied as a woman, I was able to express my complaints easily and reach a solution, thank you, discussing the problems that occur after menopause, one-on-one, reduced my fears of treatment.

ha...aOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

He is the first doctor who listens to my problem that I have been looking for for a long time and tries to understand me. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, a complete expert in his field. I wish him success.

af...uOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

simply super doctor

ad...eOp. Dr. Yeksin Helvacıoğlu Karataş

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