Lengthening Treatment Turkey

Lengthening treatment is an operation performed for cosmetic or medical reasons so that the individual can have longer bones. This operation can be performed to lengthen the leg bones or arm bones. However, it is generally preferred for the purpose of extending the leg length. Individuals who plan to have lengthening treatment are evaluated in detail by the doctor in terms of their suitability for the operation. If there is no health condition that may prevent the operation, lengthening treatment can be applied. Thanks to this treatment, even individuals who have completed their bone development, that is, whose growth plates have closed, can have a longer stature. If the amount of targeted elongation is less than 10 cm, the procedure is applied to the shinbone (tibia) only or to the thighbone (femura) only. If an elongation of more than 10 centimetres is aimed, it may be necessary to intervene in both bones. The maximum achievable bone length is proportional to the original length of the bones.

In the continuation of our article, we will answer frequently asked questions such as: “How is the lengthening treatment done?”, “How many centimetres does the lengthening surgery increase?”, “How is the recovery process after the lengthening surgery?” and “How long does the lengthening surgery take?”. You can make an appointment Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in their fields.

What is Length Extension surgery? What is Length Extension treatment?

Lengthening treatment is the treatment application preferred by individuals who are not satisfied with their height due to aesthetic concerns. Thanks to this application, it is possible to lengthen the bones called the femur and/or tibia, thus enabling the individual to have a longer height. This treatment can continue for several months depending on the method used. After treatment, rehabilitation and physical therapy are very important.

What are the advantages of having Length Extension Surgery in Turkey?

The advantages of having lengthening surgery in Turkey are as follows:

  • In Turkey, surgeries such as lengthening are performed by highly experienced expert surgeons.
  • Surgeries such as lengthening and accompanying services are much more affordable in Turkey compared to European countries that provide the same quality of service.

What is the average height for men?

The average height of men in European Union countries varies between 175.6 cm and 182.0 cm. In Turkey, the average height of men is around 174 cm. Recent research reveals that the average height of men is increasing worldwide.

What is the average height in women?

The average height of women in European Union countries varies between 160 cm and 170 cm. The average height of women in Turkey is around 162.5 cm. The average height of women is increasing all over the world.

At what age does height growth stop?

Males are thought to continue to grow taller until age 18. Some studies show that height growth ends at the age of 16, while others at the age of 21. For girls, this age can vary between 15 and 17. In general, the increase in height ends with the closure of the growth plates in the bones.

Do height extension methods work?

Exercises or sports programs that are tried to be marketed with phrases such as “Methods to increase height at home!” do not create a significant change for individuals with closed growth plates. If the individual’s growth plates are not closed, certain sports activities and eating habits can support height growth.

How long does the Lengthening Surgery take?

Lengthening surgery can take 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the scope of the surgery and the technique used. After your doctor decides on the details of the surgery, he will share with you the estimated method and duration of the surgery.

How is Length Extension Surgery performed?

Lengthening surgery can generally be performed with three different techniques. These techniques are; Ilizarov lengthening method, combined lengthening method and motorized nail lengthening method. Controlled cracked bones in the Ilizarov method are pulled up and down with the help of externally placed wires. Thus, a certain amount of elongation occurs in the bones. In the combined lengthening method, as in the ilizarov method, external procedures are performed, but also internally. Thanks to this application, it is possible to reach the targeted elongation much more quickly and comfortably. With the combined lengthening method, it is possible to achieve an elongation of 1 millimeter per day or 1 centimeter in 10 days. In the motorized nail methodOn the other hand, there is a gradually extending nail inside the bone. Thanks to this nail, bone elongation occurs over time. In the motorized nail method, no externally obvious system is used.

What are the Pre and Post Processes of Lengthening Surgery?

Before the lengthening surgery, individuals have a detailed interview with the doctor. The doctor learns about the reasons why the individual wants to have height increase treatment. In the same way, it is decided which lengthening technique will be used.

After the lengthening treatment, the individual should participate in various rehabilitation practices so that his legs can have a healthy range of motion. These applications can be done with physical therapy studies and regular exercise programs. Thus, the legs can have their former functionality after heightening.

Turkey Length Extension Surgery Prices 2023

Turkey lengthening surgery prices may vary from person to person, depending on the details of the surgery. You can call us to get information about limb lengthening and treatment prices. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.