Needle-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

Needle-free Hair Transplant is a special technique in which Hair Transplant is performed without the need for needle-free procedures. Needle-free Hair Transplant technique is widely preferred, especially by individuals with needle phobia. Hair loss is an extremely common condition nowadays. This causes Hair Transplant applications to become more and more popular. However, a certain part of individuals who want to have hair transplant stay away from Hair Transplant because they are afraid or hesitant of needle-containing treatments. Fortunately, advances in technology and medical science make treatments such as Hair Transplant accessible to almost everyone. Thanks to these developments, individuals who want can have dense and healthy hair thanks to needle-free Hair Transplant techniques, which do not apply any needle application. In this article, we will provide answers to frequently asked questions such as “Where is needle-free Hair Transplant done?”, “How long does needle-free Hair Transplant take?”, “Is needle-free Hair Transplant painful?” and “How is needle-free Hair Transplant done?”. You can call us to get information about needle free hair transplant and treatment prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.

What is Needle-Free Hair Transplant?

Needle-free Hair Transplant is a modern Hair Transplant application that is extremely advantageous for patients with a fear of needles. Needle-free Hair Transplant is performed with the FUE Hair Transplant technique. This application is also known as needle-free and painless Hair Transplant.

What causes Hair Loss?

Causes of hair loss include:

  • Extreme stress.
  • Certain medications and treatments.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Some skin diseases.
  • Harmful eating habits.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Exposure to chemicals.
  • Using the wrong cosmetic product.

Such factors can lead to hair loss. The condition known as male pattern hair loss is generally caused by genetic factors.

What are the advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplant?

The advantages of needle-free Hair Transplant are:

  • It is painless.
  • It is made without the use of needles.
  • 2000 to 4000 grafts can be planted. There are approximately 3 hair follicles in each graft.
  • It is ideal for people with needle phobia.
  • Anesthesia is performed without a needle.

What are the advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The advantages of having a needle-free hair transplant in Turkey are:

  • Needle-free Hair Transplant is performed with the FUE Hair Transplant method. FUE hair transplant method is a technique that has been used in Turkey for years. Turkey has highly experienced staff in this application.
  • Hair Transplant practices in Turkey are quite affordable.
  • Turkey is one of the most preferred countries by foreign patients who want to have a hair transplant due to special applications such as needle-free Hair Transplant.

How long does Needle-Free Hair Transplant Take?

Needle-free Hair Transplant is an application that can take up to 6 to 8 hours. The duration of the application may vary according to the application plan prepared specifically for the person.

How is Needle-Free Hair Transplant performed?

Needle-free Hair Transplant is performed according to the application plan specially prepared for the person. Within the scope of this plan, first of all, anesthesia is applied to the neck without using a needle. Then, hair follicles that are resistant to shedding are collected from the nape. The collected hair follicles are extremely sensitive when they are outside the body. Therefore, they are kept in a special liquid. After the hair follicles are collected, the second stage of the application is started. At this stage, anesthesia is applied to the head area without using a needle. Then, with the help of a special device, small channels are opened to the places where the hair will be planted. The hair follicles collected in the first stage of the application are carefully placed into the small channels opened in the target areas. After all the hair follicles are planted, the application ends.

What is the healing process after Needle-Free Hair Transplant?

After needle-free Hair Transplant, the doctor makes a dressing on the head area. Dressings and dressings need to stay on the head for as long as recommended by the doctor. During the two weeks after the application, as little water as possible should come into contact with the scalp. Likewise, the scalp should be protected from the sun. It is normal to experience symptoms such as itching and redness in the area where Hair Transplant is performed. These will go away completely in as little as a week. The hair transplanted with needle-free Hair Transplant will become prominent in about 6 months. Within 1 year, they will be fully extended. During the healing process, the recommendations given by the doctor should be carefully followed.

Needle-Free Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey 2023

Turkey needle-free hair transplant prices may vary from person to person, depending on the details of the application. You can call us to get information about needle-free hair transplant and treatment prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.