Conservative Dentistry (Composite Fillings)

Conservative dental treatment is a modern dental practice that aims to protect teeth and is done with the help of composite fillings. Teeth are organs with extremely important functions. However, they are also important in terms of the value they add to the smile. Some individuals may feel their teeth ache when consuming hot or cold foods. This is a problem that occurs due to sensitivity in the teeth. Conservative dental treatment is preferred both to eliminate such sensitivities and to protect teeth. However, it is possible to have conservative dental treatment in order to preserve the aesthetic structure of the teeth. During conservative dental treatment, modern composite fillings are preferred as an alternative to old amalgam fillings. In the continuation of our article, we will answer the frequently asked questions such as “What are the advantages of conservative dental treatment?”, “How is conservative dental treatment done?”, “What should be considered after conservative dental treatment?” and “How long does conservative dental treatment take?”. You can call us to get detailed information about conservative dental treatment in Turkey and make an appointment with our doctors of Mynovitas who are experts in this field.

What is Conservative Dental Treatment?

Conservative dental treatment is the treatment for cleaning the existing caries, stopping the progression of the caries and preventing the tooth decay again. During these treatments, the teeth are restored and protected against any adverse events that may occur in the future. Conservative dental treatments are usually performed with the help of composite fillings.

Why is Conservative Dental Treatment performed?

Conservative dental treatment is the treatment that takes place in order to preserve the functional and aesthetic structures of the teeth. During this treatment, the cavities in the teeth are cleaned, the damages are repaired, and the loss of substance in the teeth is eliminated thanks to the composite fillings.

What are the filling types used in Conservative Dentistry?

Composite fillings are widely used in conservative dental treatment. Composite fillings are both durable and create an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, they are widely preferred in conservative dental treatment.

What are the advantages of Composite Fillings?

The advantages of composite fillings are:

  • They are fillings with natural tooth colour.
  • They create an aesthetic appearance.
  • They have a good compatibility with the mouth and teeth structure.
  • They are durable.
  • They do not cause allergic reactions.

How long does Conservative Dental Treatment take?

Conservative dental treatment takes an average of half an hour for a single tooth. However, if more than one tooth is to be treated conservatively, it is normal for this period to increase.

What are the advantages of Conservative Dental Treatment in Turkey?

The advantages of having conservative dental treatment in Turkey are:

  • Preventive dentistry practices such as conservative dental treatment in Turkey are carried out by highly experienced and expert staff. Therefore, patients leave satisfied with the treatments.
  • Turkey is extremely affordable in terms of many medical treatments, especially dentistry practices. The most important reason for this is the exchange rate difference.
  • Turkey is one of the most preferred countries by foreign patients for dental treatments and similar applications.

How Is Conservative Dental Treatment performed?

Conservative dental treatment is usually performed under local anaesthesia. During the treatment, first the caries on the teeth are cleaned. Thus, the spread of caries is stopped. In patients who experience tooth cracking or tooth fracture, this procedure may not be necessary if there is no caries. After the aforementioned process is completed, composite filling treatment is performed to ensure the integrity of the tooth. At this stage, the filling material is carefully applied to the target tooth. After the filling is dried with special medical tools, some instructions are given to the patient. If, as a result of the instructions given, the filling has adapted to the teeth, the treatment ends. If the filling touches the teeth and causes discomfort while opening and closing the mouth, minor corrections are made on the filling.

What should be considered after Conservative Dental Treatment?

Things to consider after conservative dental treatment are:

  • If the application is made with anaesthesia, no food should be consumed until the effects of anaesthesia are over.
  • Extremely cold or extremely hot foods should not be consumed during a day.
  • Oral and dental care should not be interrupted.
  • Routine dental examinations should not be interrupted.

Turkey Conservative Dental Treatment Prices 2023

Conservative dental treatment prices in Turkey may vary from person to person, depending on the details of the treatment. You can call us to get information about conservative dental treatment and prices. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.