Porcelain Dental Treatment Turkey

Porcelain dental treatment is a special application for the protection of teeth and for gaining an aesthetic appearance. Teeth have extremely important duties in order to perform functions such as nutrition and speech. However, they are an indispensable part of an attractive smile. Therefore, many individuals pay attention to the care and health of their teeth since childhood. However, some people may experience loss of substance, cavities and similar conditions in their teeth. These conditions can cause both functional and aesthetic problems. Individuals who complain about the aforementioned conditions can have healthy, functional and aesthetically perfect teeth with porcelain dental treatment. This treatment is completely tailored to the individual in order for the porcelain veneers to achieve a perfect harmony with the teeth. In the continuation of our article, we will provide answers to frequently asked questions such as “How is porcelain dental veneer done?”, “How long does porcelain tooth treatment last?”, “What are the advantages of porcelain tooth treatment?” and “Is porcelain tooth permanent?”. You can call us to get detailed information about cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey and make an appointment with our doctors of Mynovitas who are experts in this field.

What is Porcelain Dental Treatment?

Porcelain veneer treatment, teeth; It is the coating of porcelain material that is compatible with the natural tooth color and structure. Dental veneer applications such as porcelain dental treatment are extremely important applications in order to protect both the health and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. The details of these applications are completely planned according to the patient’s demands and tooth structure.

Why is Porcelain Dental Treatment performed?

Porcelain tooth treatment can be done for reasons such as:

  • Protecting previously broken teeth.
  • To prevent the spaces between the teeth from disturbing the person.
  • Individuals with small and pointed teeth; to get a more attractive smile.
  • To relieve the discomfort of individuals with tooth sensitivity.
  • To protect teeth from yellowing or physical damage.

Porcelain dental treatment can be done in line with the aforementioned purposes.

What are the advantages of Porcelain Dental Veneers?

The advantages of porcelain veneers include:

  • The treatment is completely personalized. Thus, the veneers adapt very well to the teeth.
  • It is a painless treatment.
  • There is no toothache when consuming hot or cold drinks.
  • Teeth are protected against cavities and yellowing.
  • An aesthetic tooth appearance occurs.

How long does Porcelain Dental Treatment take?

In the treatment of porcelain teeth, the preparation of the teeth for veneer and the measurements are completed very quickly. However, since the veneers are produced individually, the design and production stages can take up to 1 week depending on the number of teeth to be veneered.

Who can have Porcelain Dental Treatment?

Porcelain dental treatment can be applied to any individual over the age of 18. Younger patients are considered to have not completed their tooth development yet. In order for this development to continue in a normal way, it is recommended to have the porcelain tooth coating treatment done later.

How is Porcelain Dental Treatment performed?

Before porcelain dental treatment, the doctor performs a detailed interview with the patient. During this interview, the patient’s mouth structure, tooth structure and tooth arrangement are evaluated in detail. Then, the teeth are made ready for processing with special methods. Impressions are taken from the ready teeth with the help of a special mold. With this process, the first stage of treatment ends. The received mold is sent to the laboratory to produce personalized coatings. Depending on the number of teeth to be applied, the veneers are ready in an average of 1 week. The dentist places the veneers on the teeth with a short-term application and the application ends.

What should be considered after Porcelain Dental Treatment?

Things to consider after porcelain dental treatment are as follows:

  • Hard objects should not be chewed after porcelain tooth treatment, especially with the front teeth.
  • Patients with clenching problems should use special apparatus to prevent damage to teeth or coatings.
  • Molars should be used when hard foods are to be consumed.
  • Teeth should be protected against possible physical impacts.
  • Oral and dental care should not be interrupted.

Your doctor will give detailed information about the processes before and after the porcelain tooth treatment.

Turkey Porcelain Dental Treatment Prices 2023

Turkey porcelain dental treatment prices may vary from person to person, depending on where the treatment is done and the details of the service received. You can call us to get information about cosmetic dental treatment and prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.