PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is a natural and advanced treatment application made with the help of reparative cells in the blood. This application is used successfully in many fields of medicine. These fields include gynecology and genital aesthetics. Tissues in the genital area; they wear out over time after birth, waxing, epilation and similar processes. Abrasion adversely affects both the functions and appearance of the aforementioned tissues. Thanks to PRP treatment, it is possible to rejuvenate, repair and revitalize the aforementioned tissues. The most important advantage of this treatment is that it does not require any surgical intervention and is performed with the help of reparative cells collected from the person’s own blood. In this article, we will provide answers to frequently asked questions such as “How is PRP treatment done?”, “What are the advantages of genital PRP treatment?”, “How is genital PRP treatment done?” and “What should be considered after PRP treatment?” You can call us to get detailed information about PRP treatment in Turkey and make an appointment with our doctors of Mynovitas who are experts in this field.

What is PRP Treatment? What Does PRP Mean?

PRP is a special treatment made with healing cells taken from the patient’s own blood for purposes such as tissue repair and rejuvenation. “Platelet Rich Plasma”, that is, PRP, is possible thanks to platelet cells that provide and accelerate tissue repair. These cells occur naturally in the blood. However, since they are in low concentrations, they cannot sufficiently affect wounds and worn areas. During PRP treatment, a blood fluid rich in these cells is obtained. With the injection of this fluid into the target areas, a large number of reparative platelet cells begin to heal and rejuvenate the tissues in the area.

What is genital PRP?

Genital PRP is one of the most preferred types of PRP treatment. Thanks to the genital PRP treatment, it is possible to intervene in the wear and tear in the genital area of ​​the patient. This application is made to the areas where sexual arousal occurs or to the close ones of those areas. Thus, healing and rejuvenating tissues enable individuals to get much more pleasure during sexual relations.

Why is PRP Treatment done?

PRP treatment, tissue healing and rejuvenation; This is done to make it happen much faster and more effectively. This application gives very effective and successful results, especially on the genital area.

In which areas can PRP Treatment be done?

PRP treatment can be applied to areas such as:

  • joint areas.
  • Genital area.
  • Abdominal region.
  • Face.
  • For injuries in any part of the body.

PRP treatment can be applied to the mentioned areas.

Who can have PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment can be applied to almost any individual over the age of 18. There are some rare diseases that may prevent this practice or require it to be done differently. The doctor will examine whether you have these diseases before the application.

What are the benefits of PRP Treatment?

The benefits of PRP treatment include:

  • Tissue healing in the applied area is accelerated.
  • It contributes to the rejuvenation processes of the tissues in the region.
  • It is a fast application.
  • No surgical procedure is used in the treatment of PRP.
  • After the tissues heal and regenerate, they become much more functional.

How long does PRP Treatment Take?

PRP treatment is an extremely fast and easy treatment that takes 20 to 30 minutes. Because it is such a fast treatment, it is preferred by tens of thousands of people every year.

How is PRP Treatment done?

PRP treatment consists of two different stages. In the first of these stages, the doctor takes 10 to 20 millilitres of blood from the patient. The blood taken with the help of a special kit is rotated at high speeds in the blood tubes with the help of a centrifuge device. This rotational motion allows the blood to be separated into its components by physical means. Among these components, of course, there are also reparative platelet cells. Platelet cells are taken from the tube with the help of a special injection and the first stage of the treatment is completed. The second stage is the implementation stage. In this process, the doctor injects the collected rejuvenating platelet cells into the predetermined areas. Although this application is painless, the doctor can also apply analgesic cream before injection for patients with low pain threshold.

What should be considered after PRP Treatment?

Among the things to be considered after PRP treatment are the following:

  • After PRP treatment, a slight redness can be seen in the target area. There is no need to use any cream for this rash.
  • The target area should not be massaged.
  • Water should not be touched to the target area for one day.
  • After PRP treatment, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed.

Turkey PRP Treatment Prices 2023

Turkey PRP treatment prices may vary from person to person, depending on the details of the treatment and where it is done. You can call us to get information about PRP treatment and treatment prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.