Perthes Disease Turkey

Perthes disease is a relatively common ailment in children related to the blood circulation that feeds the femoral bone. All living tissues, including bones, need oxygen and nutrients transferred to them by the bloodstream. Thanks to the blood circulation, they are fed, get rid of waste materials, develop, and heal. In Perthes disease, the blood circulation in the head of one of the femurs is disrupted or impaired. This can adversely affect the development and nutrition of the bone. Although this disorder usually occurs between the ages of 4 and 10, it can be seen in all children between the ages of 1.5 and 15 years. It is known that Perthes disease is 4 times more common in boys than girls. This disorder, for which early diagnosis is very important, requires regular follow-up until adulthood and even old age. In this article, we will provide answers to frequently asked questions such as “How is Perthes disease treated?”, “Does Perthes disease go away completely?”, “Is Perthes disease genetic?” and “How long does Perthes disease treatment take?”. You can call us to get information about Perthes disease and treatment prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.

What is Perthes Disease?

Perthes disease is caused by impaired blood circulation in the head of the femur. The blood vessels in the area cannot feed the bone tissue as it should, and the bone tissue begins to be damaged. As a result, troublesome conditions such as swelling, pain and limping in the legs may occur. Perthes disease is one of the most common pediatric orthopedic disorders.

What causes Perthes Disease?

Some of the conditions that increase the risk of developing Perthes disease include:

  • Coagulation disorder.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Being passively affected by cigarettes and tobacco products, passive smoking.
  • Hormone disorder.
  • Injuries to the hip joint.
  • Being born underweight.

However, perthes disease in boys compared to girls; It is more common in children of families with a low socio-economic level compared to the children of families with a high socio-economic level.

What are the symptoms of Perthes Disease?

Symptoms of Perthes disease include:

  • To limp, to limp.
  • Swelling of the legs.
  • Pain around the hip joint and knees.
  • Thin leg.
  • Short leg as a result of the bones not developing properly.
  • Difficulty in movement.

Such symptoms are commonly observed in children with Perthes disease.

Is there a cure for Perthes disease?

The treatment for Perthes disease may vary depending on the stage of the disease, the age of the child, and many other factors. There are no serious symptoms in the early stages of this disease. That’s why it’s usually diagnosed incidentally when it’s in stage 1. In the second stage, the early symptoms of the disease begin to show themselves. A doctor is consulted when the symptoms begin to be observed, so Perthes disease is usually diagnosed when it is in stage 2. By the third stage, a significant tissue death has occurred in the head regions of the femur. If it is towards the 4th stage, tissue death may have occurred in the entire femoral head. In this process, the body starts to produce new cells in order to renew the lost tissues. The regeneration process should be supported by physical therapy applications, surgical operations and medical treatments when necessary.

Is Perthes disease completely curable?

Perthes disease should be followed until the femoral head has developed sufficiently. Thus, the individual can continue his life without encountering any problems in his adult life. If the femoral head is sufficiently developed and harmonized with the hip joint, the effects of the discomfort can be largely eliminated.

How long does Perthes Disease treatment take?

The duration of Perthes disease may vary depending on the stage of the disease and the age of the individual. However, in general, it may take years for the disease to completely heal, and the doctor’s follow-up should not be interrupted in this process.

How is Perthes Disease treated?

As we mentioned before, Perthes treatment may vary according to the progression of the disease and the age of the child. Regular doctor follow-up practices in the early stages are extremely beneficial. Children with Perthes disease are not recommended to do strenuous sports. During periods when bone pain becomes evident, doctors usually recommend lying down and resting. Likewise, drug therapy can also be applied. Various surgical applications can also be performed in order to ensure a healthy harmony of the femoral head with the hip joint. If the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage, physical therapy may accompany the treatment processes. Perthes disease can be seen in different severity in everyone. Since it is a progressive disease, treatments should be planned completely individually.

Turkey Perthes Disease Treatment Prices 2023

Turkey Perthes disease treatment prices may vary from person to person, depending on the details of the treatment. You can call us to get information about Perthes disease and treatment prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.