The procedure known as G-shot or G-spot augmentation is performed in order to make the G spot in the vagina more prominent and thus stimulate more easily. The clitoris is an organ that is located on the vulva and, if sufficiently stimulated, makes the individual reach orgasm. The continuation of this organ is positioned in the body to surround the vaginal canal. In other words, the stimulation of the clitoris can also occur directly inside the vagina during sexual intercourse. However, the G spot is not sufficiently stimulated by the penis in some women. The biggest reason for this is that the mentioned point is not big and clear enough. Thanks to the G-shot or G spot enlargement process, the aforementioned area can be enlarged and can be made more easily excitable. The biggest advantage of this application is that it takes only a few minutes and the individual can return to his daily life immediately after the procedure. In this article, we will provide answers to frequently asked questions such as “How is G-shot done?”, “What are the benefits and advantages of the G-shot procedure?”, “How long does the G-shot take?”. You can call us to get detailed information about G-shot in Turkey and make an appointment with our doctors of Mynovitas who are experts in this field.

What is G-Shot? What is G Spot Augmentation?

G-shot is a special application made to stimulate the G spot more easily and to reach orgasm faster. The G-spot is a special spot on the upper wall, a few centimeters inside the vagina. This point comes into contact with the extension of the clitoris in the body. Therefore, when stimulated regularly during sexual intercourse, it enables the person to reach orgasm. However, the G spot has a structure that is difficult to stimulate or contact in some women. For this reason, many individuals today resort to the G-shot procedure.

Why is G-Shot done?

G-shot is done in order to stimulate the G spot in the vagina more easily during activities such as sexual intercourse. During this application, the doctor uses a special filling material called hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this substance, which is also found naturally in the human body, it is possible to give the G-spot a larger and more distinctive structure. In this way, problems such as sexual reluctance, inability to reach orgasm and vaginal dryness can be eliminated.

Who can get a G-Shot?

G-shot can be done to anyone over the age of 18. There are some patient groups that require a special approach for this application, the doctor carefully evaluates whether you are in these groups. Implementation planning is shaped within the framework of such evaluations.

How long does a G-Shot Take?

G-shot application is a process that ends in a few minutes. It is preferred by thousands of women every year because it is both fast and easy and painless.

What are the benefits of G-Shot?

The benefits of the G-shot include:

  • With the G-spot gaining a prominent state, the individual can be stimulated much more easily during sexual relations. This will allow the individual to orgasm more easily.
  • It helps to eliminate problems such as vaginal dryness and sexual reluctance.
  • It is a very fast application.
  • It does not include surgical procedure.
  • You can return to daily life and working life immediately after the procedure.

How to G-Shot?

G-shot application consists of two stages. During the first phase, the doctor determines the position of the G-spot. In the second stage, a light local aesthesia is applied to the determined location. Thus, the patient’s pain and discomfort during the G-shot is completely prevented. After the aesthesia application, the hyaluronic acid-containing filler is injected into the area with the help of a special injector. Thus, the G spot gains a more prominent structure. All these processes are completed within minutes. Patients can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure and continue their social lives.

What should be considered after G-Shot?

It is normal to see some bleeding and discharge after the G-shot. However, there is no need for any supportive application for these symptoms. Patients can continue their daily lives immediately after the procedure. Likewise, there are no restrictions on sexual intercourse.

Turkey G-Shot Prices 2023

Turkey G-shot prices may vary from person to person, depending on the place where the application is made and the details of the service received. You can call us to get information about G-shot and treatment prices in Turkey. You can make an appointment with the Mynovitas doctors, who are experts in this area.